All About Bunny…

Bunny Galore is a Professional Naked Lady and Entertainer Extraordinaire, currently based out of Denver, CO but hailing from wherever she left a piece of her heart last! The Fire-Spinning Legend, Satan’s Angel, calls her ‘The Queen of the Four Tassel Twirl’, she has been crowned Miss Viva Las Vegas 2016, Miss Denver Modernism 2016, Miss Burlesque World 2017, Burlesque Hall of Fame 2016 Best Debut Competitor, and continues to take the internet by storm with her viral act, Turn Down for Butt,which has over million views on Facebook!

A dedicated apprentice to the art of burlesque, Bunny Galore is a passionate shimmier and go-getter, headlining shows and festivals across the country — and has even taken a dip in the international pool. Her goal is World domination through a special brand of titillating tease! She has been called Sex-Personified, Booty-licious, and One Smart Cookie.

Not only does she tease to destruction, she also teaches her signature workshop Stripperobics!, a class based in the foundations of exotic dance. Find out about upcoming events near you on the Facebook page.

Is there anything she can’t do? Book her today and find out!